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We need YOUR help to assist families in getting baby formula

***Terranova and Associates will be having an open house Monday June 27th – Thursday June 30th from 10am to 3pm. We would like to invite our clients to come back into the office to say hello, grab a cup of coffee and drop off their formula donations. ***


I am confident that we are all aware of prices skyrocketing and the struggle to be able to find certain items. This statement is reigning absolutely true for families in the United States that are dependent on baby formula. The bare shelves and soaring prices have become stressful for family’s dependent on formula.

Unfortunately, families are really struggling to get the formula for their babies but also the inflated price is creating a new aspect of difficulty. Formula has always been expensive but since 2019 formula prices have gone from 9 cents per ounce to 54 cents per ounce in 2022. Inflation is predominant in our society and families are feeling it now more than ever.

As well as the families being unable to get formula shelters and food banks are hurting to be able to keep up with the demand for formula. The prices of formula also make it hard for the shelves to remained stocked.

At Terranova and Associates we hope that there will soon be a surplus of formula and a decrease in price. But until then we would like to do as much as we can to help out the families in need.

We are calling all of our wonderful clients to help us to stock up Citizens Inn. Citizen’s inn wears many hats as a shelter, as a food pantry and a way for families to find security especially in these uncertain times. Citizens Inn is located in Peabody, MA and is a great asset to our community.

During the month of July Citizens Inn makes their goal to stock up their pantry with formula. We are running a formula drive at our office through the month of June. Our goal is to have bins filled with formula by the end of June so that when July comes, we can start the shelter out on the right foot.

Anything you can give is greatly appreciated by all at the shelter. The donations will be brought to Citizens Inn the first week of July then distributed to the families that are in need.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Bailey at or by giving out office a call at 978-774-7700.


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