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Why are my strawberries so expensive?

We are confident that all of our clients are aware of the rising prices from the cost of a gas to the steadily raising prices in our grocery stores. Inflation is transparent everywhere in our communities and more than ever families are feeling pain in their wallets no matter where they go.

I’m sure we can begin to understand why fuel is so expensive just based off of what we saw in 2008 but prices at the pump are even higher than they were then. In 2008 like we are seeing now in 2022 when the fuel prices sky rocket the prices at the grocery store rapidly follows behind.

So why is that? What does fuel have to do with lets say, a pound of strawberries?

Long story short the common factor between your strawberries and your gasoline is oil.

Whaaaat? There is oil in my strawberries? No, there is not oil in your strawberries but your strawberries do become dependent on oil in their growing process as well as their venture to your grocery store.

For example, to mass produce strawberries to be sold at your local grocery store there is a variety of equipment that is needed to be able to tend to the land. All that equipment is dependent on oil/fuel and with the higher cost we already see the prices of strawberries rise just to grow them.

Okay so now our strawberries are mature and ready to go to the grocery store how do we get there? Well that question is dependent on where we are going but to transport something such as strawberries we could be traveling by sea, railroad, air craft or tractor trailer. Depending on what mode of transportation is needed your strawberries price will reflect the cost of transportation.

P.S. if you are in need of some fresh strawberries Tendercrop Farm in Wenham, MA has some lovely strawberries. Their strawberries are at a very affordable price point as they do not have to transport them off of their farm and can successful sell them at their own store.

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