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Terranova & Associates, LLC strives to keep our clients up to date during these unprecedented times.

Today we want to bring to your attention Fraudulent Invoicing. Attached you will find a copy of a recently received invoice for Terranova “Website Services”. The problem is that this is a total fraud as it pertains to the Terranova Website. If we received such an Invoice, we fear that many Companies are receiving the same Fraudulent Invoice. Please review all invoices received for accuracy and integrity. Most Companies use accounting software to prepare checks or electronically pay invoices. If an invoice received is from a Company, you have not paid in the past you need to INVESTIGATE the accuracy of the invoice.

We have also seen Fraudulent Invoices for Filing State Annual Reports for Businesses. The State Annual Report can be filed directly with the Secretary of State or your CPA who preparers the business tax return can assist you with its preparation and filing. Please be aware of scammers who are invoicing you for fraudulent services.

We are available for consultations regarding this and other tax matters if you need assistance, please contact us. We are excited to welcome the new clients that have retained our services!

This is our update as of this time and we will strive to keep you informed; please keep in mind this is a fluid topic and subject to change at any time.

This information should be used to strategically navigate through the months ahead. We are in the office and are happy to assist you.

Please feel free to share this with your relatives and friends. Remember we are here to help our clients during this difficult time.

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