Tax Planning and Compliance

While filing taxes is not everyone's favorite pastime, you can reduce the stress and anxiety this causes by utilizing the services of a trusted CPA. Knowing that your taxes are done correctly and filed on time will give you peace of mind. Our accountants stay up to date on our ever-changing tax laws and regulations, offering you valuable insight and advice and ensuring that you stay in compliance.

Having the support of a trusted tax and financial expert can make all the difference when dealing with life's curveballs, whether you are getting married, thinking of buying your first home, opening your own business, changing jobs or even contemplating making financial investments. Our experienced accountants can help you plan, anticipate and handle any eventuality so you are not caught by surprise. Planning for your taxes can take quite a bit of thought and effort, which is why a CPA can be such a valuable asset. Ensuring tax efficiency is one of the biggest ways that a CPA can help your tax situation.

Support for Individuals and Businesses

Our decades of experience allow us to help with literally any tax situation. Whether you are an individual or a business, we will guide you through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions. Our expertise and experience allows you to take advantage of opportunities within tax legislation.


Single or married, with or without children, however you file, an experienced CPA can help. We make it easy to file and get the most out of your taxes. We know our way around Healthcare forms, capital gains and losses, itemizing deductions, and everything in between. Trust the help of an expert with your individual tax filing to minimize your liabilities and maximize your cash flow.


Whether you have one employee or one thousand, your business’s taxes are complex. There are a number of tax codes that you need to comply with—for example, The Affordable Care Act —and it is integral that your business complies.

The CPAs at Terranova & Associates, LLC have a wealth of experience in preparing and planning business taxes. We know the ins and outs of the tax code, so we can potentially save you time and money by getting you the information you need to comply with the requirements.

Issues We Solve

Decades of accounting experience equips us to deal with any tax issue that you or your business experiences. Our CPAs are thoroughly trained in the newest tax changes, so we have the most up to date information available.

Just some of the issues we can solve for our customers include:

  • The Affordable Care Act and how it affects your business as well as your employees
  • Identity theft and how it affects you and your tax return
  • Extension filing
  • Education credits (the Hope Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit)
  • Individual credits for children and earned income
  • Whether you are an exempt employee and what that means
  • Many more

This list is not even remotely complete, as there are so many tax issues that we solve every day. Get in touch with us to talk about preparing your taxes, and get ready for tax season.