Tax Representation Before a Taxing Authority

When the worst happens, and you need to defend your tax return against the IRS, enlisting the help of a professional and experienced accountant can make all the difference in the outcome of that battle. Just like an attorney is the only person qualified to represent you in a court of law, a Certified Public Accountant is the only person qualified to represent you in front of the IRS.

The IRS isn’t the only organization that can audit you or your business. Taxing authorities are not limited to income tax issues, so other federal and state agencies may do an audit including the Department of Unemployment or the Department of Labor.

Benefits of Professional Tax Representation

As we already mentioned, a CPA is the only person qualified to represent you if you are being audited by a taxing authority. But even more than that, there are some real benefits to enlisting the help of a professional with your tax case.

    A professional is neutral.
    A professional understands the laws and issues
    A professional makes recommendations based on your individual case.
    A professional can clearly and concisely argue your case.
    A professional can make negotiations on your behalf.

Our Experience

Since we opened in 1989, we have represented countless businesses and individuals in front of taxing authorities. It is important to choose someone with experience to represent you in front of the IRS or other taxing authorities, because that experience can influence the outcome of your case.

At Terranova, we have experience representing our clients for audits and investigations of fraud. Because we have been through these diverse situations, we can help you navigate your way through them. Our experience with various taxing authorities enables us to provide you with expert guidance and support during the process, giving you control and peace of mind.


The word “audit” is usually only whispered in fear in the dead of night. But there is no reason to be nervous about an audit if you have the assistance and professionalism of one of our CPAs. The first thing to do when you learn you will be audited is gather all paperwork that is relevant to your taxes, including receipts. Someone with experience and training can help get you through the audit process.

Investigation of Fraud

Taxing authorities take tax fraud very seriously, and so should you. Fraud is a civil offense, and if convicted, involves jail time, civil penalties or both. Defending yourself against a tax fraud charge requires hiring a tax attorney, which could potentially cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Enlisting the help of an experienced tax professional can help prevent matters from deteriorating to this level, thus saving you a lot of time, money and anxiety.

Tax representation can be incredibly valuable in a variety of situations. Our experience and professionalism make us the premier tax representatives in Boston and the North Shore area. Set up an appointment to talk with one of our compassionate professionals, and get started on your case right away.