Individual Financial Consulting

Managing your personal finances takes discipline and time because good habits are a must. Taking care of your own finances is not something that happens once a year; rather, to effectively manage your cash flow and expenses, you need to stay on top of it frequently.

At Terranova & Associates, LLC, we do more than taxes. We help individuals and families balance their budgets, plan for retirement, and make smart investments in their futures. Oh, and we do taxes too.


Bookkeeping is not just something that businesses have to do to stay afloat; individuals and families have to do it too. The first lesson in bookkeeping for yourself is understanding where you're spending your money and why. We can sit down with you and teach you some strategies for maintaining the books on your home expenses to help you understand your spending patterns so you can make informed decisions about spending vs. saving.

Planning for Retirement

The average American is unprepared for retirement. According to research from the Economic Policy Institute, more than half of the families in America have no retirement savings account at all. This can spell disaster come retirement time, as little or no savings means that you may have to work longer or change your lifestyle in extreme ways in order to make ends meet.

Preparing for retirement is one of the most important things to do for your future. Most of us want a comfortable retirement, but without planning and saving this is impossible. One of our CPAs can help you determine how much you need to save in order to have the lifestyle you want in retirement, and then assist you in coming up with strategies to get you there.

Preparing Taxes

Tax time is a stressful time for some, but it doesn’t need to be. Letting a professional handle your taxes makes it easier than ever to ensure that you are getting the deductions you qualify for and your maximum refund.

An additional perk of having a CPA file your taxes is you know that they were filed correctly, which can be helpful if you are ever audited. Indeed, in the case of an audit, it is nice to have a relationship with a CPA who knows your tax situation and can help you go through that process.

At Terranova & Associates, LLC, we work just as hard for our individual clients as we do for our business clients. Complete customer satisfaction is the goal, and we work hard to make that the reality for every person we serve. Contact us now to get to work meeting your financial goals.