Real Estate

For decades, we have worked with professionals in every field and learned about the volatile, ever-changing nature of each industry. However, there is no industry as uncertain or unpredictable as real estate. This fast-paced, high stakes industry needs good accounting and financial planning more than most, because things can change seemingly at the drop of a hat. Call on the pros to help your real estate business work for you.

We Have Experience

Since we opened in 1989, we have worked with and assisted real estate companies of every size and description. Family-owned developers, large partnerships, and large scale developers—and everything in between—have all worked with us to get ahead in this cutthroat industry.

How We Help

Our real estate clients value the support that we give them to help them improve their bottom lines. Some of the ways that we help real estate companies include:

  • Take advantage of as many tax advantages as possible
  • Monitor and record business transactions
  • Follow the changes in the tax code year by year
  • Organize your financial records logically
  • Examine whether property is advantageous to buy
  • Analyze cash flow
  • Provide levels of assurance to investors
  • Advise on tax implications of property purchases

These are just some of the ways that we help our real estate clients succeed! If there is something specific about which your company needs advice, give us a call or send an email! One of our experienced CPAs will be able to help you.