Nonprofits, more than any other industry, need to manage their finances well in order to succeed. When a business is dedicated to contributing something to people in need or communities at large, income is not the first item on the list of priorities. Still, it is important for a nonprofit to be able to manage its funds well in order to maximize its impact.

We Have Experience

At Terranova, we have worked with nonprofits in the Boston and North Shore areas for nearly thirty years. Our extensive background in providing accounting and bookkeeping solutions equips us to deal with your nonprofit’s needs with professionalism and candor. We strive to create relationships with our clients so that we can provide custom solutions that meet their needs.

In addition, our founder and managing partner, Tom, is involved in a variety of local youth sports programs. He volunteers his time to work with the Cape Ann Football League and help the youth there learn to succeed through sports.

How We Help

With changes in IRS reporting and more scrutiny placed on charitable organizations, nonprofits need professional assistance now more than ever. A few of the ways that we help our nonprofit partners include:

  • Managing and recording transactions
  • Keeping books up to date and organized
  • Filing financial records in a logical way
  • Offering levels of assurance to possible contributors
  • Staying up to date on changing tax laws with regard to nonprofits and charitable organizations
  • Improving financial efficiency

Even more importantly than the services we offer nonprofits is how much we care. We are dedicated to helping nonprofits and charitable organizations do their noble work, because we all have an organization or cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Because of this, we give personal attention to each and every client, and we actually care about the work you do.

Request an appointment with one of our CPAs to learn all the ways that an accountant or tax professional can improve your nonprofit.