International Organizations

The world as we know it is changing every day. Thanks to technology, we are more connected than we have ever been in all of human history! This is changing business, as companies that used to be local have expanded rapidly into large, international organizations. An international company—whether it is based in Boston, London, Hong Kong, or anywhere else around the world—needs the experience and professionalism of an international accountant now more than ever.

We Have Experience

Terranova & Associates, LLC is proud to work with companies across the globe. Our experience equips us to work with and advise clients with business interests all over the world.

How We Help

International organizations can operate in a wide variety of industries, providing goods and services all around the world. Some of the ways that we make this easier include:

  • Offering assurance to prospective investors
  • Understanding tax laws for businesses that operate internationally
  • Advising on entity structuring
  • Counseling on export tax incentives
  • Organizing financial records
  • Monitoring and recording business transactions
  • Keeping up to date on the changing tax code each year
  • Analyzing cash flow

This short list shows just some of the ways that the CPAs at Terranova & Associates, LLC can help an international organization. We work with you to determine where your company needs help, and how best to deliver it.

International Individuals

If your primary residence is not in the United States, you do not have to be part of an international corporation to work with Terranova, LLC. We work with international individuals regularly, helping with a variety of financial, accounting, and tax issues.

Foreign nationals have a unique set of tax laws and exemptions, which are complex and specialized. These tax regulations can have an impact on a foreign national’s tax residency, so it is critical to ensure that you are complying with them. In addition, there are some tax laws that do not apply to foreign nationals, on both a federal and domestic level; a professional CPA can help you identify what taxes do and do not apply to you as a foreign national.

Set up an appointment to meet with one of our tax professionals today, and see the ways that we can change your business for the better.