Financial Services

Even financial services companies need advice on managing finances and taxes from time to time. An important part of the Terranova & Associates, LLC client base is made up of financial services firms, including hedge funds, private equity funds, investment advisors, fixed income advisors, and more.

The reason that financial services companies benefit from working with a CPA is that we look at things differently. While a hedge fund manager has a deep and thorough understanding of his part of the market, we have a deep and thorough understanding of the tax implications of various investments and transactions and how it impacts you or your business.

We Have Experience

Working with financial services clients has been a major part of our company for the last twenty-five years. We have worked with clients in a wide variety of industries since we opened, and our company is on the cutting edge of accounting knowledge. We work hard to stay up to date on all changes and laws that are relevant to your business.

How We Help

In financial services, you may advise your clients on how to invest their money, now let us help you use yours more wisely. A few of the ways we help our clients in financial services include:

  • Control costs to boost profitability
  • Offer assurance to prospective investors
  • Stay up to date on tax laws to maximize benefits and deductions
  • Provide technical support and advice
  • Organize financial records in a logical way
  • Maintain ongoing record of business transactions
  • Perform all CFO duties as an outsourced CFO

These are not all the ways that a CPA from Terranova & Associates, LLC can help your business. We work with you to determine what you need from your accountant and provide accordingly. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your business thrive.