A Unique Accounting Experience

What sets Terranova & Associates, LLC apart from the other CPA firms in Boston, or even the world? We care about our clients. We work hard to provide the tools and services that our clients need to understand accounting and finance, helping them to understand the role that accounting plays in their lives.

Knowledge Is Power

Sending off your taxes to an accountant once a year is all well and good, as your taxes are sure to get done. But not understanding the why or the how of tax preparation and filing can set you back. That’s why we strive to educate all our clients about the services we provide to them.

By helping our clients develop an understanding of the services we offer, we empower them to make educated decisions on their own behalf. We could easily provide a company with comprehensive bookkeeping services that meet all its needs; but at Terranova & Associates, LLC we go the extra mile and ensure that each client understand the services we provide. This empowers them to make the best decision for their company.

Individual and Business Services

We don’t just cater to businesses. Individuals and families have accounting and financial needs too, so we offer a range of services to benefit everyone. Our individual clients love that they can turn to us for tax preparation, help with an audit, financial planning, and so much more. Similarly, our business clients enlist our help with representation, providing assurance to investors, and any other bookkeeping or accounting service.

The range of services we offer combined with our dedication to educating our clients makes Terranova & Associates, LLC the CPA firm in Boston that meets all your needs. Contact us to see how we can help you sort out your finances.