How is Terranova & Associates, LLC Different?

For nearly thirty years, Terranova & Associates, LLC has provided the high-quality accounting and financial services that Boston has come to expect. Our dedication to building relationships with our customers and educating them about accounting knows no bounds, and we have built a strong business around that. Our CPAs have combined decades of experience with everything from litigation to auditing to accounting, and the ones who benefit most from that experience are our clients.

Our Mission

We believe in complete customer satisfaction, and that shows in everything we do. We all have to pay taxes, but we do more than that at Terranova. Our mission is to help clients maintain strong and accurate accounting systems while taking a proactive approach to their futures. This requires open communication and an understanding of our clients’ needs, so that we can help you meet your goals through research and sound analysis. We are dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism.

Our Vision

We seek to educate all our clients about their finances, because education is a powerful tool. By teaching our clients about business in general—and accounting in particular—we empower them to take charge of their own futures.

Whether we are teaching you about planning for retirement, filing business taxes, bookkeeping for your company, or any other financial service, we give you the tools to understand the complex world of taxes and finance.

Our History

When Thomas D. Terranova, Jr. started Terranova & Associates, LLC in 1989, he wanted to create a business that was more than just an average CPA firm. Tom believed then that his clients are his number one asset, and that philosophy has continued for the nearly thirty years that Terranova & Associates, LLC has been open.

During this time, Tom has worked with some amazing tax professionals and clients, in every imaginable aspect of the business. Terranova & Associates, LLC accountants have extensive experience in litigation, representation, bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting for industries as diverse as real estate, nonprofits, and even international companies means the CPAs at Terranova & Associates, LLC are qualified for any tax or accounting problem they come across.